Finance and the Sharing Economy

Finance is a highly social topic. The team at ShareThis have collected data from their network of 3.1 million sites and apps based on social behavior over the course of 3 months.

With over 32 million users sharing finance-related content to their social networks every month, the impact of social media and the sharing economy on consumer behavior is undeniable,” says Kurt Abrahamson, CEO of ShareThis.

New finance studies released. Here are key takeaways:

  • Different social networks house entirely different conversations for finance consumers.Twitter is where users socialize with news, market updates and investments, whereas Facebook and LinkedIn are destinations for financial planning and advice.
  • Tablets are a very finance-friendly platform for finance sharing, generating twice as much activity around finance as other content categories. This activity is often relegated to portfolio management, real estate, and trading.
  • Monitor trends and seasonality and automate media delivery to ensure messaging reaches consumers at peak engagement: Finance social activity spikes around key time periods: tax season, New Years, key quarterly earnings reports, and periods of stock market volatility.
  • Finance sharing is strongly aligned with life stage, with behaviors taking on different characteristics depending on one’s place in the age and income spectrum. Often, though, we found that sharing skews toward the extremes. For example, millennials and early boomers are 1.9x and 1.5x more likely, respectively, to share about finance.

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