West Capital advises corporate innovation and venture capital investment programs. We work with strategic development and innovation teams to build a strategically relevant ecosystem within the venture community. West Capital’s venture investing experience as both operators and investors will compliment existing capabilities. Our objective is to provide corporations with a comprehensive global perspective on emerging innovations and innovative companies to address critical objectives. 

  • Corporate strategy development
  • Increase competitive advantage of existing product lines
  • Develop complimentary new lines of business
  • Identify new go-to-market partners

West Capital assists in effectively engaging in this ecosystem on a national scale, providing a discipline that is consistent with large company cultures, while at the same time enhancing the innovation process in small venture backed companies. Core to our partnership is sourcing and executing strategic venture investments. West Capital enhances access, quality, volume and relevance, and develops program specific networks that provide a proxy on emerging innovations.

Most importantly, we provide our clients with a portfolio management discipline that establishes culturally consistent metrics and objective measurement. We implement a repeatable process with standard documents that enable disciplined decision making and ongoing portfolio management.

The West Capital Corporate Venture Capital Network is comprised of CVC Program members. West Capital provides program execution advice and counsel, develops relevant networks within the Venture community, assists sourcing, due diligence and direct investment processes, and provides portfolio oversight and analysis. The Network also facilitates collaboration among members and conducts two events annually to discuss best practices, current themes and terms utilizing actual case studies with participation from leading venture capital fund partners and management of venture backed companies. 

WCA manages the West Capital Partners Program, a co-investment vehicle for high net worth individuals and family offices designed to provide access to institutional quality deals, with greater flexibility than a typical fund structure.

As experienced venture capital investors and former entrepreneurs, we founded West Capital to be the ideal co-investor. West Capital is structured to be a value added participant, typically in Series B or later investment syndicates led by established institutional venture funds.