Lead Investor:  Bain Ventures
 Corporate Partner:  Castenea Partners
 Headquarters:  Pittsburgh, PA
 Website:  www.4moms.com
 Sector:  Robotics

4Moms is a robotics company that makes high-tech baby gear. The company has redefined the $8.9 billion juvenile products industry through its use of advanced robotics technology. The result is dramatically better baby gear, including 4Moms origami, the world's only power-folding stroller; the 4Moms mamaRoo infant seat that replicates the bouncing and swaying motion parents make when soothing their babies; and the 4Moms breeze play yard that open or closes in one simple step.

 Lead Investor:  Allos
 Headquarters:  Pittsburgh, PA
 Website:  www.alung.com
 Sector:  Medical Device

ALung Technologies, Inc. is a provider of advanced respiratory support solutions. The Hemolung RAS provides Respiratory Dialysis, a simpler, less invasive form of extracorporeal lung support. The first fully-integrated Respiratory Dialysis® system, the Hemolung RAS combines advanced technology with user-centered design to provide simple, effective, and minimally invasive extracorporeal CO2removal (ECCO2R). Removing carbon dioxide and delivering oxygen directly to the blood allows the patient’s lungs to rest and heal while avoiding intubation and facilitating protective ventilation.

 Lead Investor:  Draper Triangle
 Corporate Partner:  Salesforce
 Headquarters:  Ann Arbor, MI
 Website:  www.amplifinity.com
 Sector:  Advocacy Marketing

Amplifinity’s AMP is the first platform being used by leading enterprise companies to generate, track, manage and measure brand advocacy. AMP generates social behaviors; creates and manages efficient and profitable referral programs; mobilizes customers, employees and partners; and empowers our clients to acquire new customers, transforming them into highly effective sales channels, at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing and advertising. Advocacy Management Platform is driving measurable increases in revenue, retention and profitability.

 Lead Investor:  Goldman Sachs and Citicorp Energy
 Corporate Partner: Invenergy
 Headquarters: Chicago, IL
 Website:  www.aquilonenergyinc.com
 Sector:  Energy Management

Aquilon has listened closely to the industry’s priorities to focus resources on energy settlement challenges that no single company should solve alone. In working side-by-side with traders, settlement analysts and finance professionals, Aquilon has developed the Energy Settlement Network (ESN) for wholesale energy participants of all sizes. On the ESN, counterparties settle both physical and financial energy transactions on the network built for bilateral settlements.

 Lead Investor:  SVB Capital
 Corporate Partner:  BofA/PNC
 Headquarters:  Palo Alto, CA
 Website:  www.bill.com
 Sector:  Financial Technology - Cash Flow Management

Bill.com is eliminating paper invoices for small and medium sized businesses.  Bill.com is an on-demand accounts payable, accounts receivable, and cash flow management application for CPAs and small and mid-sized businesses. Bill.com handles both accounts payable and accounts receivable, giving businesses a powerful tool to predict and manage cash flow.

Acquired by Medtronic

 Lead Investor:  Draper Triangle
 Corporate Partner:  Medtronic
 Headquarters:  Cleveland, OH
 Website:  www.cardioinsight.com
 Sector:  Medical Device

CardioInsight is commercializing the first non-invasive cardiac mapping technology that generates real-time, 3D maps of the electrical activity of the heart in a single beat. The Company’s ECVUE system is composed of a disposable 252-electrode sensor array vest that captures electrical information from the surface of the heart and a workstation that uses sophisticated, patented software to compute and visualize 3D electroanatomic maps and electrograms from the surface of the heart.  ECVUE will provide electrophysiologists with a powerful, yet simple, non-invasive solution to address mapping of complex cardiac arrhythmias and optimization of cardiac resynchronization therapy (“CRT”) for heart failure. Acquired by Medtronic in June 2015.

Acquired by ChannelAdvisor

 Lead Investor:  Sigma Prime
 Corporate Partner:  UPS
 Headquarters:  Atlanta, GA
 Website:  www.hublogix.com
 Sector:  eCommerce Logistics

HubLogix is an eCommerce logistics software platform for online stores that rely on third-party vendors, distributors, suppliers or fulfillment centers. HubLogix integrates with leading shopping cart platforms like Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce to enable drop-shipping and third-party fulfillment.

 Lead Investor:  KPMG Capital
 Corporate Partner:  KPMG LLP
 Headquarters:  St. Louis, MO
 Website:  www.labelinsight.com
 Sector:  Retail Technology

LabelInsight provides the premier data platform for Consumer Package Goods (CPG) product ingredient, attribute, and marketing claim data, enabling Retailers and Manufacturers to make better purchase and product formulation decisions. The Company's flagship product, LabelInsight, is a cloud-based data repository and platform. LabelInsight captures date through a proprietary collection method utilizing iPhone and Android apps to scan and capture ingredients and product details. The Company partnered with the FDA to create the CPG industry's first scientific database with highly accurate product characteristics, including additive, allergen, and ingredient properties.

 Lead Investor:  HLM Venture Partners
 Corporate Partner:  McKesson
 Headquarters:  Cleveland, OH
 Website:  www.onshift.com
 Sector:  HCIT - Human Capital Management

OnShift provides human capital management software for post-acute care and senior living facilities. Its suite of products for hiring, scheduling and workforce analysis drives quality care, lower costs and higher performance by empowering healthcare providers to staff consistently and efficiently. Its scheduling software helps care communities schedule employees, predict overtime to lower costs and fill openings to staff properly. OnShift Insight analyzes staffing patterns and proactively recommends positions to hire. OnShift Hire helps streamline the hiring process with an applicant tracking system.

 Lead Investor:  Sigma Partners
 Corporate Partner:  Concur
 Headquarters:  Atlanta, GA
 Website:  www.oversightsystems.com
 Sector:  Operational Analytics/Compliance

Acquired by Luminate Capital Partners

Through its web-based solution called Oversight Insights On Demand, Oversight is a enabling line of business administrators to automatically audit 100% of expenses to detect and eliminate fraud, errors, misuse, and waste within their spend programs. Oversight provides best practice based solutions that offer increased visibility into spending via plain-language alerts, audit trails, integrated case management, and powerful dashboards that segment user data with ease. Through increased corporate insight, Oversight helps companies automate compliance and make smarter business decisions, every day.

Acquired by Paypal

 Lead Investor:  General Catalyst, Northbridge
 Corporate Partner:  Capital One
 Headquarters:  Wellesley, MA
 Website:  www.paydiant.com
 Sector:  Mobile Wallet and Loyalty

Paydiant is an open and secure smartphone-based mobile payments platform that works with existing mobile, banking and retail infrastructure. Paydiant's cloud-based, white label mobile wallet and payment solution enables banks, retailers, and processors to deploy a branded contactless mobile wallet, mobile payment and cash access platform without involving new intermediaries, while preserving the opportunity to create new revenue streams from highly targeted mobile ads and offers. Paydiant is the only mobile wallet and mobile payment platform that works with existing payment instruments including PIN debit, credit, signature debit, and prepaid cards, while providing consumers with a fast, intuitive, contactless mobile payment user experience for all the ways they make payments, including: Pay in store (multi-lane or countertop terminals), Pay online (commerce), Pay at the table (dining), and Pay a bill (online or from a printed bill). Acquired by Paypal in March 2015.

 Lead Investor:  Shasta Ventures/First Round
 Headquarters:  New York, NY
 Website:  www.poppin.com
 Sector:  eCommerce - Office Products/Furniture

Poppin, Inc, is an innovative office products and furniture design firm, vertically integrated from design to manufacturing through omni channel sales. Poppin is developing a distinctive brand selling direct via a captive eCommerce site – poppin.com, and through select physical retail partners, including Staples, Barnes and Noble College, and The Container Store. The Company is focused on a unique mission to provide productive workstyle environments and intends to become the first company that makes buying, using, looking at, and thinking about office products an extraordinary experience.

 Lead Investor:  DFJ
 Corporate Partner:  T-Ventures/Deutsch Telekom
 Headquarters:  Palo Alto, CA
 Website:  www.sharethis.com
 Sector:  AdTech

ShareThis is the largest market for sharing and influence across the web, reaching more than 400 million users across nearly 1 million sites. ShareThis makes content more engaging for publishers and marketing more impactful for brands by tapping into its true influence and value. Based in Palo Alto, CA with offices in New York and Cincinnati, the company is privately held with funding from Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Blue Chip Venture Company, DFJ Mercury, Illinois Ventures, Matthew Pritzker Company, Queen City Angels and RPM Ventures and Reservoir Partners.

 Lead Investor:  Northwater
 Headquarters:  Cincinnati, OH
 Website:  www.thinkvine.com
 Sector:  Analytics - Marketing Attribution/Optimization

Acquired by Ignite Marketing Analytics

ThinkVine is a rapidly growing participant in the marketing mix optimization (“MMO”) and predictive analytics (Big Data) industries. Marketing departments and ad agencies use MMO to allocate their corporation’s annual marketing and advertising budgets across available forms of media – television, radio, print, digital, etc. The recent digital media explosion has increased the importance of properly allocating marketing dollars to attract the maximum number of customers. ThinkVine’s solution is unique and revolutionary, effectively providing customers with accurate predictions.